Important Points To Know About Google Play App Screenshots

There are important points you need to know about Google Play App Screenshots. Basically, these are visuals which can help the app users understand the importance of a brand app.
One of the most effective ways to hit business success is to go mobile. Try to imagine the users of smartphones and smart devices worldwide. As of this year, there are 3.5 billion users. By next year, they are expected to reach 3.8 billion. With these figures continuing to rise, we can surmise that going mobile is one of the best strategies you can ever perform as a business entity. Hence, you should possess a business mobile app which will help your business promote your brand identity on the app stores.Google Play and App Store have a tight race. There are a lot of mobile apps competing to be on top. But there are techniques which you can do to help your mobile application rank high on the app stores.
This is where Google Play App Screenshots come into play. These are actually visuals of your app. They should be part of the listed application as they are able to enhance and boost the ranking of a mobile app. Through screenshots in correct dimensions and sizes, you can have the great chance to excel as a brand competing digitally. Every download of your mobile application can be counted as part of the factors of growth and success. The main gauge of success is the conversion rate in the end. Ranking an app is one of the stepping stones towards the achievement of the desired goals and objectives. 
The appearance of Google Play Tablet Screenshots should be world-class. That is why it is a must to ensure that your mobile application screenshots should be high-quality. Failure to realize this goal can lead to ultimate business failure. You have to ensure that your app is going to perform in a great manner. Otherwise, your business will be compromised. You don’t want this to happen, do you? Hence, having the right and high-quality Google Play App Screenshots is highly recommended. This is your way towards hitting ultimate growth and success.
Having a boosted impression level is important when you’re branding. This is essential as far as branding is concerned. Of course, you’re trying to convey the message of your brand to the target audience. That is why you’re doing everything to make your brand stronger than others. Being highly competitive is a great goal which you should focus on. When you’re highly competitive, it means you can compete with the other brands which are ahead of you in terms of operation. Don’t be discouraged when at the start, your brand is struggling. This is part of the business journey you are taking. All you need to do is to persistently apply the effective means and ways to achieve massive growth.

Google Play App Screenshots
These screenshots are visuals of your app. They should be able to catch and entice the interest of the target customers. This is the bottom line why you need to find a legit provider of those professionally produced screenshots. When they are used properly, your app ranking can be assured. Of course, it’s not easy to please the app stores. But then, the experts you’re going to hire can truly help you in uplifting and elevating the ranking of your mobile application. Let’s try to examine some possible ways on how to improve the ranking of your brand app through the usage of perfect app store screenshots.

Follow Apple’s and Google’s guidelines pertinent to app store screenshots.
When you list your mobile app, there are guidelines which you have to follow. Apple and Google are the two leading companies behind the 2 giant app stores (App Store for Apple and Google Play for Google). By paying attention to the guidelines and algorithm set by them, you will be able to help your app become successful. For Apple’s guidelines, you can go to this link; while Google has this reference. All you have to do is to understand how to rank your mobile app through abiding by the rules and regulations the two giant companies have set. Following the guidelines that they set is highly crucial as far as increasing the app’s visibility is concerned.
Then, it is important to keep in mind that Android users are more decisive than iOS users. Meaning to say, those users of Google Play are inclined to decide faster than those users of the App Store. In terms of statistical information, 40% of the Android users are more likely to decide in favor of certain mobile apps on the store. This reality should be understood deeply because it can have a direct impact towards success.

Make sure that the screenshots are placed in the right order.
This is a crucial point which you need to imbibe and apply. All you need to do is to make sure that the screenshots are produced qualitatively and are placed in the right order. Both Google Play and App Store have distinctive requirements when it comes to the number of app store screenshots allowed per mobile app listed. In terms of order or sequence, the first two images should be the most qualitative screenshots. It means the first two image designs should be the highly catching images to include in your listing. 
It is seldom to see a user browsing all the images or screenshots of a listed mobile app. That is why the first two images are the most important ones. They need to serve as the most captivating screenshots of all the screenshots included in the listing as visuals. Be reminded that most users of the apps may decide based on the first two app store screenshots. So, you have to be very critical with this aspect. By following this suggestion, you are giving your business a great chance to have a strong brand performance.

Present the benefits of the products to the audience in a clear manner.
The Google Play App Screenshots, to reiterate, are visual components. Most people want to see captivating and enticing pictures of anything. That is why you need to make sure that the app store screenshots can really capture and ignite the interest of the target audience. One of the best ways to ensure that the screenshots can really captivate the audience is to present the benefits of the product. If possible, you have to portray the importance of your brand through the images. By doing so, the target customers will initially understand how great your brand is.
You need to provide a great value to your brand. This is a secret which you should not take for granted. Actually, branding is about value propositions. You’re suggesting that your offered products or services are the ones that people should utilize to remedy their existing problems. This is the main highlight why it is important to hire an agency which can take your business to the next level. Having Android and iOS screenshots is not that easy. But when you trust a legitimate provider of world-class Apple and Google screenshots, hitting success is highly possible.

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